An Art-Line for Margate

Christopher Alexander Strand


Over the last few years we have been working with Steven Alexander, the son of the late Christopher Alexander, head of fine art at the former Thanet School of Art & Crafts in Margate, from the 50s until his untimely death in the early 80s, exploring the curation of a collection of over 5000 art works of his father, much of it digitally archived. The aim is to explore a way of developing the archive, the opportunity for a digital curation whilst researching and exploring the Christopher Alexander collection as well as the works of his former students, some of whom would go on to become influential artists and designers in their own right. Others remained in Margate and formed their own art groups through which they continued their practice.

Our project seeks to understand Christopher’s legacy, particularly that which relates to his long and devoted career in teaching. By speaking to former students, colleagues, artist’s models, friends and relations, we hope to develop and enrich the existing archive of Christopher’s work, looking for traces of his influence in the memories, art and lives of those who knew him.


Bradley Higgins

Bradley is a writer, musician and photographer whose work explores forms of poetic realism. Looking at the material traces of cultural histories, his practice attempts to articulate the intimate narratives of everyday experience at the heart of broader social moments. Through his current project, Litter Culture, he hopes to salvage and reclaim residual fragments of pop and folk culture

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Lucy McGeown

Lucy is an artist and drawing tutor living in Margate. Originally from London she is the co-founder of The London Drawing Group which has been teaching drawing classes in museums, galleries and in pop up locations across London for the past 4 years. McGeown's core practice is drawing with her work forming abstract representations of urban environments. McGeown also creates installations from found materials which is an extension of the ideas that inform her two dimensional based pieces.