An Art-Line for Margate

Christopher Alexander Strand: Artist Studio Space


Exhibition in the Primark building windows, August , 2020

Lucy McGeown and Bradley Higgins


This exhibition served as a starting point for Lucy and Bradley to experiment with ideas of presentation and curation. After a discussion about their own practices and current projects, they decided to exhibit pieces of work that were still in development and would benefit from being finalised for presentation for this exhibition.

Each artist had been working with found materials, in Lucy's work with the literal use of found objects and in Bradley's the use of found stock film footage.

As Lucy's sculptural installation are very much an improvised response to each exhibition space it was decided that the starting point for the show would be from Bradley's film. The artists decided to relate their works by finding the relationship between the formal qualities that could be found in each piece. This allowed the work to relate through chance and unknown associations.