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Art Against War — Raffle Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who donated artwork, bought raffle tickets, volunteered at the exhibition and shared the event! Together, we managed to raise over £1,860 with all proceeds going to International Rescue Committee and Voices of Children.

We will share details of the raffle draw shortly and announce all winners by Friday 18 March.

Each person who's bought raffle tickets will receive an 'Art Against War' postcard created by The Margate School team, regardless of whether they have won a prize or not. We will let you know when these are ready to be collected.

People will need to come and collect their winning artwork from The Margate School.

Continue to check our ongoing project “Stop the War”, an ongoing series of creative challenges to violence. From performance and video art to protest posters and sculpture, mediums of expression seek to assess situations as they unfold, spreading awareness.

As a small organisation we can only do so much, as individuals you can only do so much, but we can work together to move forward and make an impact.

Stop the War on People, Society, Nature. Stop the war in and on Ukraine now!

If you have any questions please email

View all the donated artworks here



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