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Art and Technology Residency: Balint Bolygo

Balint Bolygo is the third artist-in-residence to join The Margate School's Art and Technology Residency.

During the residency programme, Balint will be running a workshop during the weekend of 12 and 13 March for Artech Festival in the run-up to their group exhibition. Play with Light is based on an analog experiment in an alternative light installation. Drop-in for a few minutes or spend the whole two days with us to explore and play with lights.

The artists-in-residence group exhibition: The Artech Show, will open 18th—21st March with a private view on Friday 18th, 6—9pm, everyone is invited!


'Event Horizon’ is described as the point of no return on the edge of a Black Hole past this point everything disappears and is sucked into the vacuum of space time. Back on our tiny planet we are also experiencing our very own man made ‘event horizon’ - its effects are dislocating, unfamiliar, and uncertain.

This light installation will create an unfamiliar environment from the every day space of The Margate School, it tests our senses and our ability to fathom the unexpected and uncertain.

Image c/o: Balint Bolygo

About Balint

Balint Bolygo was born in Hungary in 1976 and currently lives and works in London and Margate. He completed his MA (hons) in Fine Art at @edinburghuniversity in 2001 with a specialism in sculpture.

After his studies he joined the Studio of Sir Antony Gormley @sirantonygormley as a technician where he was responsible for sculptural development and fabrication and running numerous high profile projects. He has since established an extensive artistic carrier undertaking many exhibitions in public and private spaces worldwide.

Balint's artistic practice explores time based sculpture and installation, combining artistic imagination, invention, science, mechanics, and engineering to create processes that reveal natural phenomena. He makes kinetic sculpture that over time create different types of images - drawings, paintings, etchings, films, light projections etc. The machines are often sculptural objects that act out an artistic activity or create an outer worldly experience. The idiosyncratic nature of the pieces recalls early scientific instrumentation and perhaps alludes to a time of great spectacle, when the division between Art and Science was ambiguous and blurred.

Balint is a member of the international Kepes Society dedicated to interdisciplinary practice between art, science and technology. He is the co-founder of Kinetech design – a design practice pioneering origamic methods in 3d design.

Find out more about Balint on his website:

Video: Mappings II exhibited at the @britishlibrary

Get your tickets to Artech Festival here



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