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Art Society Nature

A group show in Margate's High Street explores the diverse art practices of the students, studio holders, tutors and staff who learn, experiment and work at The Margate School.

The School's theme of Art Society Nature grounds all of our actions and ambitions. We provide socially engaged and sustainability-driven programmes delivered collaboratively, emphazising peer-to-peer learning, co-creation and knowledge-sharing. These are supported through the sharing of space, facilities and tools, enabling creative practitioners to explore their potential.

You can find the work in the windows of 48 High Street, Margate CT9 1DS (the former Primark building)

Artwork on display - please contact us HERE to purchase or start a commissioning conversation, more information about the artists is below the photograph

Who knows where the time goes


Not for sale 

“TMS was one of my first clients when I moved to Margate and set up as a freelance graphic designer. I worked with Uwe and Raph to design a new website for this exciting alternative School by the seaside. After subsequently arranging two public graphic design lectures with the School, one in conjunction with POW!, my involvement increased in 2021 when I helped to establish the Visual Communication course and became Visual Communication Co-ordinator. This also involved leading on Margate Festival of Design. 

“The School holds a treasured place in my heart. It has brought me inspiration, education, career experience, exploration and many very good friends. I am sure this display of work will be a testament to the talent and passion that lives inside the wonderful Woolworths building. 


The Serious Business of Pleasure      

Sonia McNally

£175 framed

Original monoprint, paint & collage on paper 

Sonia is a student in the Still & Moving Image course at The Margate School                          


Shuck It

Amber by Design

A4 £17.50 / A3 £25

Amber is enjoying her year on the Visual Communication course. She's loving the learning with her fellow students - now friends, and loves the ethos behind the Margate School.

She's looking forward to producing screen-printed artwork, using the skills she's learned on the course with the excellent Sam Giles (Dreamsafari), plus experimenting more with collage in future works.


Tori Pedersen


Light box with vinyl photography

“My visual art practice reconsiders everyday objects, cultural artefacts and marks using photography, text, sculpture and moving image. In my work the ubiquity of signs and images are recognised, documented and reimagined in a multitude of ways that give way to new perspectives. It intends to draw attention to the overlooked, evolving from chance encounters and random incidents within public places. Being part of The Margate School has brought a new perspective to my work, its place within the community and its position in the heart of the town, once as the thriving retailer Woolworths, has fed into my work and brought up ideas of regeneration and impermanence of things. The School’s prominence in the growing community of artists in Margate and its relationship to the past has had a positive influence on my practice. All work submitted has been made in the Margate School, found objects have been brought in and manipulated using the laser cutter, images have been printed and objects have been swapped and re-used. I have repurposed the school’s old light fittings in one of my pieces.”



Chris Vervain


“I have a beautiful studio on the first floor of TMS, full of air and light. It is wonderful

to be part of a vibrant creative community. I love the old Woolworth’s building. It

needs a bit of work, obviously, but it is so full of character and perfectly located very

close to sea and the old town centre.”


40 Hours Devotion (Cave Christ)

Grace Saint


Original photograms - giclee prints available

A first year student on the European Fine Art MaMA, Saint utilizes course units to enrich and expand their performance practice. Maker Object and Maker Body have provided them with new parameters for exploring set making and scene dressing while Making Digital and Maker of Print have enabled them to record their performances in innovative ways. This is showcased particularly in video collage Be Still And Know That I Am God, featuring the artist crucified on the harbour wall accompanied by a freakish rat and seagull and in a collection of 40 frottages and photograms, some demonstrated here, as the result of 40 Hours Devotion (Cave Christ) where the artist performed isolated in a cave in darkness for 40 hours begging God to reveal themselves over the Easter Triduum.



Mary-Ann Stuart

Mary-Ann is a local artist and student on the European Fine Art Master, she hosts a life drawing club every 3rd Sunday at Margate Arts Club.

The piece was inspired by Michel Foucault’s essay “Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias”.


Automatic 00

Iain James Purves


Charcoal on paper

Iain is a first-year student on the Art Society Nature MA course and a long term studio holder.


Automatic with Blue Weight

Iain James Purves


Charcoal and Acrylic on paper

Iain is a first-year student on the Art Society Nature MA course and a long term studio holder.



Kt Co


Ink on paper

Kt Co is a 1st year student on the European Fine Art Masters at The Margate School.



Kt Co


Monoprint collage on paper

Kt Co is a 1st year student on the European Fine Art Masters at The Margate School



Erin Byrne

Mixed-media collage, acrylic paint and Indian ink on paper. 

Erin Byrne is a student on the Visual Communication at TMS, which has “changed their life!”.



Untitled I

Untitled II

Sue Pitman-Dalton


Sue Pitman-Dalton worked in advertising for the last fifty years as a photographic stylist and is now using her experiences and memories of locations & set designs to inspire her paintings.

Working in the centre of Margate has been great fun already. The other artists I've met here have been generous with their advice and encouragement and now that I have a studio within TMS it's wonderful to be in the midst of a vibrant creative community.

When the light gets in : Margate Main Sands

When the light gets in : Dungeness Power

When the light gets in : Dungeness Prospect Cottage

Rachel Kirk

£120 framed / £45 print unframed (Fuji C-Type archive paper)

Rachel Kirk is a Tutor on the Visual Communication Design and MA Fine Art courses at TMS.

She took these photos in September 2023 on her Leica M6. The film got stuck in the camera and she attempted to recover the film in the darkroom at TMS. The film was over 15 years old… expired, it belonged to her dad, who grew up in Kent. Some red light got in whilst using the dark room, causing fogging of the film. At first, she thought the film was ruined, but the images had a dreamlike quality that grew on her the more she looked at them. 

Rust and Reflections

Sinead Le Blond


Sinead has attended short courses and talks at the Margate School over the past three years. Having completed an online MA in Photography with Falmouth University in December 2023, she has joined the Margate School as a Fellow to continue being part of a creative community. 



Anastasia Tyranova-Romanchuk


Ceramic on canvas, oil, acrylic, ash glaze, pastel, metal.



Ceramics on canvas, oil, acrylic, wood, pastel, metal

Anastasia (Tory) Tyranova-Romanchuk is a surrealist artist from Odesa. She left Ukraine during the spring of 2022 and, after seven months spent in Berlin, moved to the UK at the end of 2022.


Minds Eye


Dream Safari / Sam Giles

Acrylic, wood

Sam Giles is a street artist from Kent, spraying walls under the name DREAM SAFARI.

He's painted murals in a variety of different styles in UK and Germany and runs the collective Loser Gang. Sam also runs workshops for people of all ages, including the National Saturday Club and screenprinting at TMS.

"The aim of DREAM SAFARI is to get people interested in art by making it more accessible to the public; promoting a sense of identity within the community and rejuvenating our urban landscape."


Bio Wall Hanging

Eirinn Hayhow

Bio-plastic, coffee leather, hemp fibres, lichen, moss, wood

Not for sale

Magic Moss Knit Top


Plant yarn, natural dyes, moss


This piece was made in TMS’ Biolab where EIRINN HAYHOW does all her textile science experimentation, creating bio-materials, dyes, inks and potions using foraged and grown plants, crystals, and waste matter. Deeply connected with our natural world and its synchronised patterns, EIRINN HAYHOW carefully explores the foraging of wild plants, herbs and bark. The gathering of such natural resources for ceremonial activities and herbal medicines has occurred since ancient times; cultural practices which were aware of nature’s power in relation to the human body and mind. 


Rise UP

Jenny Duff

Not for Sale

Jenny Duff is a designer-maker based in Margate and Broadstairs producing modern, fresh and attractive tableware which is sold around the world.

Jenny’s artistic practice is in textiles - stitching and weaving stories. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.


Spirit Dancers

Cheapbitter / Poppy Phibbs


Late Night Meetup


Poppy Phibbs is an Illustrator, exploring the folkloric and chasing the feeling of both the sublime & the uncanny. They are also a freelancer, working in both marketing and community work for local organisations in Thanet, including The Margate School.


Under The Surface Work in Progress

Laura Marsh


"I have been a fellow with the school for about a year and a half, it has allowed me a space to come and work quietly and with others in a creative environment, where I can edit, read, plan, and experiment with ideas whilst benefiting from a creative environment that helps with my development, inspiration, and engagement with photography in a place that mirrors my subject and interest of nature and self."


Electronic Circuit

Ed Gray

Ed Gray is The Margate School’s I.T Volunteer. He studied Computer Science at the University of Kent and worked at Intel in Shannon, Ireland. He has since returned to the UK and is involved in a number of local community projects. The ceramic tiles he has been making are an experiment to see if he could make electronic circuits in clay. He has always been into electronics and making things by hand or from kits. His struggle with computer-related work injuries has made him see technology differently and working with clay is a nice tactile way to explore his love of technology differently.



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