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Art, Society, Nature Takeover—Daniel Loveday

Our fourth photographic residency takeover was by Daniel Loveday.

Daniel Loveday is a photographer from the Medway Towns. His main body of work looks to the landscape that's closest to him, being drawn to the river Medway which splits the cluster of towns within Kent. He is also drawn to coastal communities within Britain, documenting the everyday people and places that fill these landscapes.

​His curiosity to document comes from an interest in archival practices and the importance of creating a record of the changing landscape. He currently works for the British Library as a Senior Imaging Technician, digitising a vast archive focused on the Gulf Region. Also collecting an archive of found vernacular photography, which both inform and inspire the visual outcomes of his work.

Across two months Daniel has visited Margate to create work based on the town, with a focus on the people who live and work there, as well as capturing the coastal landscape in which they inhabit. This coincided with time spent within the Schools darkroom, printing the work he was creating.

"I’ve always had an interest in seaside towns and the communities within them, I was particularly interested to see Margate out of season, it was great starting off the residency with the Margate School and seeing the transition from this period to it picking up in preparation for the summer months."

"During my trips down to the School, I often took walks along the seafront from the Turner contemporary towards Cliftonville, I loved reading the chalk engravings made along the sea wall written by the locals but also visitors alike, often conversations we’re being had from one remark to another and it fascinated me how honestly people expressed their feelings through these."

"The photos that I’ve created whilst on the residency has really given me a platform for a new body of work based in the towns of Thanet and focused on Margate, as the summer rolls around I look to create more work that documents the day trippers that will visit Margate and I look forward to witnessing the awakening of towns."

"I don’t believe I have captured a true representation of Thanet but look to carry this idea through the summer and come full circle back into the off-peak season and hope to find something through the act of doing this."

David and the rest of the Art, Society, Nature, Photographic Residents will be displaying the work they've made in a group exhibition that will be take place June 11—18

To see more of Daniels work head to his website

For more information about the facilities that the Photographic Residents have been using follow the link here