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Art, Society, Nature Takeover—Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot were the second of our residents to do a takeover on our social media.

"Through exhibitions, screenings and workshops we endeavour to bring a new perspective about the detrimental impact of the climate crisis, not only to humanity but to all life and all environments. Framing the impact through the eyes of evolution and the immense time period it has taken for each form of life to arrive at this point, we want to create a space for discussion around the damage we are collectively participating in and its universal impact."

The Directors of Pale Blue Dot Collective are Louise Beer + John Hooper.

Louise Beer: Louise uses installation, moving image, photography and sound to explore humanity's evolving understanding of Earth’s environments and the cosmos. Louise creates objects and experiences that reflect the incomprehensible nature of reality, from the ocean floor to the night sky in order to highlight humanity’s infancy of understanding of the cosmos and that we remain in a time where even the implausible is possible. To see more of Louise's work head to her website or to her Instagram

John Hooper: John Hooper is a photographer who started his career shooting for lifestyle magazines at the start of the millennium. He has been using his photography to discover the natural world and the vastness above our heads. Not taking the traditional route of many astro-photographers John prefers to navigate the heavens using skills honed from years of landscape photography. To see more of John's work head to his website or to his Instagram @john_h00per

To see more of Pale Blue Dot's collective work head to their website or to their Instagram

The Takeover

Pale Blue Dot are based in Walpole Bay and have been exploring this area through photography for the Art, Science, Nature Photography Residency. The artists have been using a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II and a Nikon F100 with a mix of Kodak Tri-x, Ilford FP4 Plus, FP5 and Delta 3200. The films have been processed in The Margate School Darkroom with Ilfosol S and DD-X

This image was taken using the Mamiya medium format camera on Ilford HP5 Plus processed in Ilfosol S.

As well as photographing the night sky, the artists have been walking along the coastline most evenings and observing the wildlife. Trying to draw a connection between the environment and the night sky is easy in Margate. The expansive nature of skies, the changing view of the sunsets and the constant push and pull of the tides is an ever present reminder that we are on a spinning world. This image was shot on the Mamiya with Delta 3200 and developed in Ilford DD-X.

The artists are both fascinated by the geology of the Kent coastline and how the landscapes of our planet have risen and fallen through unthinkably long periods of time. Our bones are made of the same chemical as the cliffs and this all comes from stars in our universe.

This image was taken using the Mamiya medium format camera on Ilford FP4 Plus processed in Ilfosol S.

Pale Blue Dot are now working on combining the earthly and astronomical images that they have developed during their time at The Margate School for display during the exhibition. Come and see the results in June!

This image was taken using the Mamiya medium format camera on Ilford HP5 Plus processed in Ilfosol S.

Alongside brilliant artist Rachel Champion and with a grant from South East Creatives the artists set up Bright Island Studio almost one year ago. The studio gives the artists a huge amount of space to work in, but also a new environment. The studio is based on a crop farm, used for the production of biofuels. The artists enjoy walking around the enormous farm and recording the sounds of the wildlife there. It is also a great location for astrophotography, and taking photographs of the sun through their telescope.

Thank you to Pale Blue Dot for sharing their behind the scenes work with us, and remember to come along and check out their final work in their group exhibition.

The Art, Society, Nature Photographic Residents will be displaying the work they've produced in their group exhibition due to take place 11—18 June.


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