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Artist and writer Bashar Ali at The Margate School

Bashar Ali is a self-taught artist and writer born in Baghdad but spent his childhood in Algeria before moving to London where he now calls home. His work is driven by Identity, be it physical, virtual, political or psychological as he questions what it is to have different countries to call home, what it is to be a gay man who is part of a community, what it is to have a different language as mother tongue? Ultimately, he is searching for what it is to be an individual with an ever-changing society.

Bashar will be exhibiting alongisde Lee Campbell at The Margate School in celebration of LGBT+ History Month and in response to our open call from 21 to 28 February. His exhibition titled Politicorgy will be a performance for the viewer, encompassing sex, desire, disappearance of the individual and representation of political dis-(order) that we live in.

"As an individual, we wear (not pandemic related) masks on a daily basis, never revealing our true selves. We perform many acts from the moment we leave our homes to the moment we go to bed. We do not reveal our true nature at work. We follow a certain code of conduct. We perform as commuters, as consumers, as family members and as friends. The paintings encapsulate transformations from 1.Physical Act-> image ->3.painting"

Bashar's latest works are focused on the so-called idea of masculinity and identity portrayed through online activities, be it from gay dating apps, social media or adult sites and repurpose them to tell a particular story reflecting current environment.

Politicorgy is on at The Margate School from 21 to 28 February open Mon to Fri 10am - 4pm. Find out more here.