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Back and Fill

Back & Fill is a coastal call to arms.

A direct response to this coronavirus crisis, Back & Fill festivals will take place in seaside towns around the UK.

The Margate School will take part in the movement, with Art4All and Elizabeth Stone confirmed in the residency programme starting 12 October through to 1 November 2020.

"From Margate to St Ives, Swansea to Stromness, the ecology of independent shops, small businesses and creative industries is about to be hit hard. But ideas of health and wellbeing, being outdoors, playfulness and innovation, and fresh food – the same things that drew the Georgians to the seaside 300 years ago – are exactly what we’ll need to recover from the current crisis.

"Back & Fill festivals are designed to bring people together in any seaside town, and to demonstrate the power of arts-led regeneration by supporting small local businesses."



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