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Billie Vigne — Fine Art MA

Introducing Billie Vigne, one of our graduating students from the European Fine Art Masters: Art, Society, Nature. Read on to learn more about Billie, their work and their journey:

“The House of Bill Bones is an archived account of an individual's experience of dwelling with art, materiality and chronic illness, detailing a departure from the material culture of metalsmithing in search of a way to find value in flux and vulnerability. Lone folklore and storytelling functions as a portal for both communication and escapism and curates the imagined worlds within which myriad, mutable alter egos reside. Through ill-states of protean, dream-like vacillation and a profound and permanent sense of temporal dissonance, the notion of ‘dwelling’ pursues an articulation of the nature of feeling, making and being.”

Billie’s practice of world-building and non-linear storytelling currently explores themes of transformation, parasitism, ritual and growth, reflecting a heightened sensory realm that is memorialised in the forms of shrines or relics. The works contained within The House of Bill Bones are immersed in the landscape and mythology of the seashore and use installation, bricolage, sound, performance, animation and a mix of artisanal and folk/vernacular, historical craft techniques to transmute embodied experience into external objects. Within these works dwell the seeds for a set of personal access methodologies sewn in Bed Culture.

See more of Billie's work on their website:

See Billie and her fellow students work at their end of year show, 'A bell is a cup until it is struck'.

Preview: July 8th, 6pm—9pm

Exhibition Runs: July 9th—22nd

Closed: July 16th until 4pm for Graduation at the Turner Contemporary, join us from 4 for a Graduation Celebration with the students.

Learn more about our European Fine Art Masters via the link in our bio and see where it can take you.

Our Master's programme is accredited by the renowned French Art School, ESADHaR.