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Chloé Das Neves — Graduate profile

Introducing Chloé Das Neves, one of our graduating students from the European Fine Art Masters: Art, Society, Nature. Read on to learn more about Chloé, her practice and her Mémoire, “The Ruins of Haptic Memories”:

“The Ruins of Haptic Memories are an object of mémoire, a visual bricolage of how I re-imagine my body as a living organism through the embodied space. I explore the theme through the component of ruins and palimpsest of my experiences. I am forming memories and senses that my haptic transducers have accumulated forever and which I keep nurturing every moment. It is my Archaeological field, where I gathered all my most precious belongings. It is all over the space and body place, just underneath my skin or deep down inside my bowels. I know it is there, somewhere.” Extract of Chloé’s Mémoire “Ruins of Haptic Memories - An Archaeology of the Body in Space”.

Chloé Das Neves is a multidisciplinary artist, exploring the body and its movements looking through a self-archaeological lens. The dance and performance part of her practice led her to question how to trace or re-trace the body, pushing the boundaries of where the body goes and where it finishes (if it even does). She uses principally drawing, moving image, sculpture and installation paired with a method of layering and palimpsest to recreate body environments in space. Therefore, her work probes the materiality of memories and the potential of remains, using the body as a vessel containing past and present experiences. Analysing the cycle of memories as an exchange between haptic experiences and senso-motors stimulation, and how the dialogue operates between intra-extra body. And zoom in again and again until she would (potentially) find the exact place, time, form of the body memory.

See Chloé and her fellow students work at their end of year show, 'A bell is a cup until it is struck'.

Opening: July 8th, 6pm—9pm

Exhibition Runs: July 9th—22nd, 10–4pm

Due to the Graduation Ceremony at the Turner Contemporary, the show will open from 4pm until late on 16th July.

Learn more about our European Fine Art Masters and see where it can take you.

Our Master's programme is accredited by the renowned French Art School, @esadharofficiel.


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