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A bringing together of fruit, leaves, hands, and ground.

Materials used: natural or found.

To be left outside changing, transforming.

Preview / 2nd September 6pm – 9pm

Exhibition open / 3rd, 4th September 10am – 5pm

Closing day with a workshop & food / 10th September 10am - 9pm

Compote is a garden exhibition curated by MA students Anna Presilia and Esme Bone taking place in the community garden of The Margate School.

Teaming up to create a show as part of their internship within the European Fine Art Masters 'Art, Society and Nature', the pair have selected 12 local artists to make artworks that respond to the nature of the space.

All 12 artists will be using natural or found materials in their own way to ensure that no harm is done to this special environment.

Compote (a mixture of stewed fruit) is a derivative of the Latin word compositus, meaning mixture, and the English word compost (decayed organic material used as fertilizer for growing plants). The title encapsulates the roots of Anna and Esme's own artistic interests; an interweaving of using natural materials and things that are close to them to create transformation, change, new growth, and collaborations with their environments.

The exhibition opens 6-9 pm on Friday 2nd September, it will be open during the weekend of the 3rd and 4th and then will close for 6 days.

The most vital thing to remember is that Compote will re-open on Saturday 10th September.

This closing event will be a chance to return together and view the artwork again after they have had a chance to breathe in their environment; we welcome you back to the garden on this day to join us in activities, conversation, and food.

This exhibition is not just about sharing artworks with you, it is inviting you to see the forces of nature at work. All 12 artists are hoping for change, welcoming destruction, possibilities of decay and potentially giving back to the eco-system of the garden. Through its want to collaborate with nature and people, Compote invites you to think about a different way of making art, to give more agency to the materials, the work itself, and the space it inhabits.

Anna and Esme would like to say a massive thank you to Ruyin, Estelle, Shirley, Poppy, Claudine, Lisa, The Margate School, and all of the artists for playing a vital role in making this outdoor exhibition become a reality.

Artists exhibiting:

Stuart Rayner / Celia Young / Coral Pryke - Syrett / Anna Presilia / Samuel Vilanova / Esme Bone / Dominic Rose / Joe Fenwick - Wilson / Willow Winston / Sara Trillo / Nicola Roper / Annabelle Edginton

Exhibition Text by Joe Fenwick – Wilson


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