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COVID-19: The Margate School’s response

Since the Covid19 lockdown here at TMS we have, along with so many others, faced challenges. With our staff and students safely working remotely, we have turned some challenges into opportunities, spending more time in preparing our studio spaces and darkroom and developing a more visible online presence. Our creative writing course has been successfully continuing online and we are preparing a number of other online courses and exhibitions to follow; we are planning for physical events to start early autumn subject to the latest Government guidance on COVID-19.

Our MA students completed their first year successfully online and continue to have weekly online meet-ups with dedicated and supportive tutors. As the school remains empty, we have registered our large ground floor space as available for the government and COVID-19 emergency response organisations in case of need.

We have remained engaged with our community, posting art projects for parents and children as well as inviting residents to share their memories of Woolworths in Margate and we safely hosted the Bed-in @ The Margate School: Stop the War project and performance in our TMS Show Space. We are proud to have successfully applied to the Arts Council in support of local artists (details to follow soon).

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