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Meet our Garden Residents

We are pleased to announce our two Garden Residents, Rosie Carr, and Carla Knight.

Innovation, Society, Nature resident: Rosie Carr

Rosie Carr is a multidisciplinary artist and gardener. Rosie completed her MA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2017 and was selected for the inaugural Film London FLAMIN Fellowship 2018. In 2019 she was an associate artist at Open School East in Margate, Kent. She is currently working towards professional qualifications in horticulture, with a particular interest in drought tolerant plants. Through socially engaged and collaborative projects she researches how acts of collective noise, imagination and joy can be used as tools to unsettle and disrupt the structures of power that maintain ecological crisis.

For me, gardening is world making. It is a creation practice of active collaboration with non-human protagonists; the mineral particles, organic matter, air, water and living organisms that make up the earth. For this residency I will use simple electronic circuits, midi controllers and collected rain water to create a meditative, sonic experience and a practical rainwater irrigation system for the Margate School Garden. I hope to create a permanent shelter and performance space for future use.

Waste, Society, Nature resident: Carla Knight

As an artist, permaculture practitioner and designer, Im driven by the possibility to reconnect with ourselves and our environment, and the potential this has to support us to live with more freedom and authenticity.

Working with people, land and intuition throughout Margate, my practice is threefold, supporting others in their own development, designing systems and learning tools and creative self expression with nature. Always learning, usually experimenting and outside whenever I can be.

This project looks at Wild Colour. I will be building an outdoor workspace to create inks and dyes from local natural materials. Earth care, people care and fair share will lead this project, searching for a balance and a relationship with the gardens, the plants I’ll work with, the “waste” materials available to build with and the people invested and impacted in the work.

I’ll host time for us to come together and play with the colours that I’ve made, sharing how you can create this set up anywhere and continue to make your own wild colours.

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