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Interview with Eirinn Hayhow

This is our studio resident Eirinn Hayhow, they have been with us for over a year and a half and have been key in initiating and developing our BioLab facility.

Eirinn Hayhow is a designer with a genderless clothing brand, making all the garments from waste and bio materials as well as creating and using natural dyes. They have an online shop, sell through Instagram as well as creating one-off garments for a few select stores.

Erin creates all her natural dyes from foraging local plants and berries as well as experimenting with crystals to make inks, growing materials from mushrooms and biomaterials and creating her own perfume. They were the first person to make coffee leather into a couture garment, so that’s the kind of the idea of what you can use the bio lab for, experimenting and innovation.

“I think that TMS is really good because it has been growing in ways ever since I started hearing that they’re really open for you to be experimental and bring things on board. So I've tried to set up the bio lab. The bio lab - it’s just starting to be set up at the moment, but initially it's where I was using the hobs to do all my natural dyes, we’ve now got a fridge and I think we are getting an oven.

It’s really an exciting and innovative space to be, they are also are offering workshops to the community from people like myself and other practitioners who have specialist skills so others can learn from us aswell”

Erin will be talking to the community on Friday in our monthly FabLunch, a monthly event where our studio holders, students, tutors, and staff can get together to share the projects and ideas that they have been working on.

Find out more about our available studios, the studio community and our range of facilities here.

The video was filmed and edited by Nicola Roper, a student on our Fine Art MA programme, thank you both for your time and energy on this.


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