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Käthe Kollwitz mural

Head over to New Street (around the corner from The Margate School) to see a mural in progress of Käthe Kollwitz (1867 -1945), as photographed by Lotte Johanna Jacobi (1896 -1990).

Kollwitz was an important and influential figure in European art, using painting, printmaking and sculpture to depict the struggles of women, the working class, grief and poverty. She is considered to be at the forefront of social protest and commentary in art, providing insight into a world rife with injustice. Her legacy lives on in the art of Hannah Höch, Guerilla Girls and Alice Neel among countless others that have been touched by the art she made and the life she led.

Lotte Jacobi was a leading figure in American photography, capturing informal, intimate moments with her subjects. Her photographs are known for their striking high contrast in black and white, depicting normal people and crucial artists and thinkers in their own personal environments.

This mural in progress is being painted by the talented @dreamsafari who is a studio resident at The Margate School.

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