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Lee Campbell at TMS

As part of his solo exhibition Bona Polari! at The Margate School, Lee Campbell presented a talk about his work and read out some of his performance poetry as part of live multimedia experience.

" A magical moment was when I performed a section of poem talking about a teenage scrapbook I kept for five years whilst at secondary school in Paddock Wood, Kent in the 1990s (pictured here). The teacher who told me to keep the scrapbook, Sharon Cavalier, who I haven't seen for 30 years since I left school in 1996, was in the audience. It was so lovely to meet her after all these years. She hadn’t changed a bit and she commented that neither had I! We shared a very poignant and emotional moment together after the performance/talk had finished and agreed not to leave it another 30 years before we met up again."

Campbell's poetry film about this scrapbook ‘’Let Rip: Teenage Scrapbook’; will be published later this year in Atticus Review and can be viewed here:

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