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Margate Festival of Design: Phil Gomm curates Design Society Nature exhibition

The Design Society Nature exhibition at this year's @margatefestivalofdesign (16th – 25th September) will showcase an amalgamation of images drawn from students work produced on the Visual Communication: Design Society Nature programme.

Curated and produced by Phil Gomm, award-winning writer, director, producer and tutor on the Design Society Nature programme, the intention was to evoke ideas before they are fully formed or realised - ie. learning.

Phil Gomm explains:

"Essentially, by layering up all the different bits of the students' work, I wanted to produce a 'palimpsest' of their various thoughts and iterations etc. The bits of formal text were lifted verbatim from their blogs as 'screen shots', and while there's a bit of editorialising in there re. key words that might underline some of the values of the The Margate School and the course more generally, largely my approach was to embrace happenstance and the ways things combined 'in the moment'.

There are various moments when a certain image or phrase is 'held', as my instinct was that this would help the projection to work in-situ and cause people to stop, before it sets off again. Anyway, every bit of moving image was made from 'animating' sequences of the individual images provided by the students - so you might say what you're looking at could only have resulted from all those early thoughts, ideas and iterations."

The exhibition is free to attend and will be open 16th – 25th September, Friday to Sunday, 10am-4pm.

Applications close to the Design Society Nature programme midnight on Monday 12th September.



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