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Paradoxymoron & A Newer Perspective

Chris Plato was with us back in January with his exhibition 'The Proverbial Paradox of the Visual Pun' and after his guest lecture on the subject of visual puns and wordplay he kindly passed on two books to us, donated by his friend and artist Patrick Hughes - creator of the 'reversepective'. We're very grateful for this donation and the books have now found their home in our ever-growing community library.

Paradoxymoron by Patrick Hughes

Paradox and Oxymoron are inextricably linked in this definitive study. When language is pushed beyond metaphor into the further reaches of oxymoron, where opposites meet, or into the paradox itself where the truth lies the results are ridiculously revealing. Patrick Hughes premise is that logic taken to its logical conclusion becomes absurdity and a sublime sort of sense. A brilliant, comprehensive and unorthodox text-book of words and pictures from many periods and places, this book is a warm tribute rather than a cold rebuke to the contradiction in terms. Paradoxymoron is about vicious circles and infinity, relativity and nothing: a topsy-turvy world of serious jokes and foolish wisdom.

A Newer Perspective by Patrick Hughes

This comprehensive 240 page publication features colour illustrations of artworks focusing largely on work from 2010, with an additional 50 plates that have been added since 2014. The book includes essays by art historians Dawn Ades and Martin Kemp, scientist Thomas Papathomas, Matthew Flowers, an interview between Patrick Hughes and critic Murray McDonald and a new essay by Patrick Hughes. Professor Sir Colin Blakemore writes on the backcover. The book is accompanied by the DVD Hughesually: The Art of Patrick Hughes, a 41 minute documentary film by Jake West.

Thank you to Chris Plato & Patrick Hughes for this generous donation. If you would like to donate books, materials, equipment, time, money, or 'other' to our School you can do so by emailing us at

As a not-for-profit we are always grateful for any and all donations, they help our community and are vital to our mission of collective & collaborative learning.



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