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Pavement to Prison Exhibition

The Pavement to Prison Exhibition showcases major pieces by internationally renowned former prisoner artists Chris Wilson, Steven Ellis and Dean Stalham and a series of new works made in collaboration with top outsider artists, former prisoners and those affected by homelessness.

The remit of Stretch Outsider Art Gallery is to champion artworks and art practices that sit outside the norms of the conventional art world. Stretch is an arts charity that has been working predominantly in the criminal justice system for over 15 years. The gallery showcases work made by non-formally trained artists, intuitive artists, people affected by mental illness, homelessness and the criminal justice system – or anyone who self-identifies as an ‘outsider’ of any sort. We aim to provide an open and authentic space for celebration and meaningful dialogue around ‘Outsider’ practice. The gallery is run by two former prisoner’s Carlotta Allum and Dean Stalham; who are art crusaders, curators, writers and artists in their own right.

The exhibition will run from 16th August - 1st September.

For further information go to the event page.

The Margate School, Margate's Art School


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