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The former British Home Store building, subsequently the Primark store, a building from the 30s with Art Deco influences, is the backdrop of Shaun PRICKIMAGE and The Margate School’s latest collaborative project, MargatePLUR.

Peace Love Unity Respect, commonly shortened to PLUR, is a set of principles that is associated with rave culture. It has been used since the early 1990s when it became commonplace in nightclub and rave flyers and especially on club paraphernalia advertising underground outdoor trance music parties.

After an incredibly stressful year for Margate and of course globally, encountering a sense of uncertainty, it feels like a great time to remember simpler times and a positive outlook on life. These 4 words speak to all — young and old — reminding some and introducing others to these enduring principles that fit in with an enlightened consciousness.

The project is appreciative of the inclusiveness, energy, joy and aesthetic of the rave and acid house community that celebrated its 30 year anniversary recently, and was glowingly visible in pop culture and music.


The former BHS/Primark building windows’ overlooking the Main Sands, are a fantastic canvas to spark contemplation and mindfulness, echoing the ‘Seduction’ old school parties at The Lido — situated just further along on the seafront just passed the Winter Gardens — in the 90's and infamous beach raves. Backlit full-sized cut out letters reading PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT in an art deco based font can now be seen across the whole Main Sands beach from the tidal pool to the harbour arm, every night throughout December 2020 and January 2021.

Old Primark Building: ​48 High St, Margate CT9 1DS

How you can get involved

Follow the QR Code below; the link will reveal more info about the PLUR installation and opportunities to get involved — from submitting voice recordings for the audio-streamed rave mixtape to watching the light dancers video livestream.

You can watch the light dancers livestream via this link:

Listen to samples of many voices saying PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT whilst you walk across Margate beach whilst seeing the large positive words which give a fresh focus across the whole of Margate’s seafront. Alternatively, you can always listen from your home or wherever may be.

To take part via phone, send your voice message to 07385877311 Record anonymous voice clearly with feeling saying 'PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT' via SMS or WhatsApp to be included in MargatePLUR audio installation

To take part via email, record your voice message on ​website and then send to ​ Record anonymous voice clearly with feeling saying 'PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT' via audio voice link from Vocaroo website to be included in MargatePLUR audio installation

Your anonymous voice message can then be added to a mixtape of chopped up old and new rave anthems to promote the message of PLUR, which is being done by DJ Hannah Holland from her local studio. Your whole family and friends can participate! Watch out for the light interventions around Margate as the project unfolds. We look forward to seeing you all at the live stream.

QR Code

Key Dates

On now - Jan 2021: Open call for voice recordings

Livestream: New Years Eve, 31 December 2020


Social Media

Please include the below handles and hashtags when mentioning PLUR on your social media platforms: Shaun PRICKIMAGE Instagram: ​@PRICKIMAGE Facebook: ​@PRICKIMAGE Twitter: ​@PRICKIMAGE The Margate School Instagram: ​@themargateschool Facebook: ​@themargateschool Twitter: ​@MargateSchool Hashtags:


Light Artist: Shaun PRICKIMAGE ​@PRICKIMAGE In collaboration with: The Margate School ​@themargateschool Mixtape & Soundtrack: Hannah Holland ​@djhannahholland Installation & Laser Cutting: Jacob Calland Artworked: Jodie Ellena ​@greenpencil2d With thanks to Ayaan Whoa ​@dontagejustglow​ and Ricky Cox ​@thewonkydonkey



The Margate School: ​

About Shaun PRICKIMAGE Shaun PRICKIMAGE specialises in optically intoxicating and immersive digital visuals for festivals, events and brands. Graduating in 2005 from BA Digital Media, he quickly started VJ residencies at Fabric Club and Club NME at Koko plus many other innovative underground London club nights. Currently happily living in Margate and working from Resort Studios. Appreciating the light on the beach in the morning just as much as the lasers and led screens at night, Shaun hopes to expand Wandering Windows Light Trail across Margate in the near future.

About The Margate School The Margate School (TMS) is an independent non profit liberal art school. In 2019 TMS took on the derelict former Woolworths building that had stood empty since 2008 and is situated in one of the poorest wards and most pressurised high streets in the country. The School’s open door policy, public events and outreach work is aimed to reinvent the High Street and help alleviate the social pressures that come with social and urban deprivation and which is essential to our mission. Since June last year, TMS have supported over 70 artists, created a home for over 40 creative professionals and students, and currently run a European Fine Art Masters Programme which is the only UK Fine Art Masters accredited by one of the oldest French art schools.



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