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Proud 2 Create is back for the 3rd year running

Proud 2 Create showcases eleven local artists and their practices which have formed a vibrant collection of drawings, paintings, and photographs.

The title ‘Proud 2 Create’ represents a collective group of disabled artists supported by Sandra at the Art4All Studio, in Acol near Birchington. The Studio strives to enable the artists to create as independently as possible, tapping into their abilities and guiding them to make art that is both meaningful and purposeful.

Sandra is passionate about art and is witness to the enhancement in the wellbeing of these artists, whilst generating awareness and respect for their work. The artwork being exhibited has been produced in a variety of mark-making methods, utilising a number of very different techniques. Each artist is given the opportunity to try and experiment with fun and attainable processes, that they may, or may not use as a part of their practice.

Whilst the finished product is clearly important, it is rather the process and application that is the focus for the Studio.

Photos from 2021's exhibition

Some artworks are planned, and some are not. Each artist is guided to give them the freedom to create art in their own way giving them a voice that is not normally heard.

Among those who will be exhibiting their work are a trio of young artists who have been selected to be part of the Royal Academy London’s Young Artist Summer Show 2022, which is running from 19 July to 14 August.

Artists exhibiting:

- Celia Balfour

- Nessie Bigg

- Katie Byrne

- Allegra Dams

- Bethany Davies

- Louie Dutton

- Olivia Joslin

- Dalibor Kovac-Stokes

- Alex Mortimer

- Jessica Park

- Gareth Tudor

- Sandra Hampton

The exhibition runs 19th — 29th August

The Margate School

31-33 High St


The exhibition takes place on the ground floor, with accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.