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R.I.P. Martin Lambie-Nairn 05.08.1945 - 25.12.2020

We are very sad to learn about the death of Martin Lambie-Nairn, a wonderful supporter of the School, a dear friend of our patron Arnold Schwartzman. Martin came to our School’s CCF launch back in December 2018 and subsequently was generous in advising us. As a young child, Martin moved down to Margate to go to school here to then move on to go to art school in Canterbury. He occasionally visited Margate, a place he was fond of. R.I.P. Martin Lambie-Nairn 05.08.1945 - 25.12.2020

Here is a a message from Arnold Schwartzman OBE RDI:

“I first knew Martin when he was a boarder at the Spurgeon’s home, Birchington, while I was a pupil at next door's King Ethelbert School.

He later followed in my footsteps as a student at Canterbury College of Art, as well as eventually becoming one of Rediffusion Television’s senior graphic designers.

He quoted in his 1997 book, “Brand Identity for Television”: Arnold Schwartzman came and gave a lecture on the role of graphic designers in television He brought with him a roller-caption used on “Ready, Steady, Go!”, Rediffusion’s groundbreaking pop-music programme... I was deeply impressed so glamorous was the image, that I felt the urge to step forward and touch that roller-caption.

When I later became a director of the Conran Design Group, I hired Martin as one of our designers. He soon moved on to greater heights to become one of Britain’s foremost graphic designers, among his numerous accomplishments he was responsible for the concept of the “Spitting Image” television programme.

We both enjoyed being conferred the distinction of being Royal Designers.

I recall his daily practice on his bagpipes, perhaps a nod to his Scottish heritage and I will ever fondly remember how Martin's diminutive frame was always full of excitement and energy.

He will be greatly missed not only by his family, friends and peers, but also his contribution to the enjoyment of the general public.”