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Sound Arts Tutor - Emily Peasgood

We are pleased to announce that Dr Emily Peasgood will be joining our new Sound Arts programme alongside Fran Ter-berg.

Dr Emily Peasgood is an Ivor’s Award winning composer, sound artist and multi-disciplinary artist whose work aims to transform how we perceive our environment. Her work creates invitations to connect with people and places that are forgotten, overlooked, or surrounded by histories that can be remembered and celebrated through sound and music. From graveyards, to the public lifts and rubber chickens, Emily explores humour and the human condition in equal measure, highlighting the absurdity and fragility of life.

Emily invites members of public to engage with her work, either as part of the creative process, or in realising sounding elements through innovative technological solutions. Her work often takes place in outdoor publicly accessible places, underpinned by her desire to create inclusive experiences in the community. More recently, she has started using artificial intelligence to enhance interactivity. Emily has created work for prestigious galleries and events such as Folkestone Triennial, Tate Modern, Hayward Gallery and Turner Contemporary and has exhibited works in outdoor locations including Fort Burgoyne, Hastings funicular railway, public lifts around the UK, and Cross Bones graveyard in Southwark. Her sound works have been shortlisted for Ivor’s Composers Awards in the categories of Community Projects and Sonic Art on seven occasions, one of which she won in 2018 for Halfway to Heaven (Folkestone Triennial). She received her PhD in creating accessible musical artworks in the community in 2019.


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