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Student profile- Emma Self

I’m Emma, a freelance graphic designer living in Margate. I usually cover editorial, print, branding and social media design. I have also recently added some motion graphic experience to my practice. My freelance clients include videographers, sports teams, commercial companies and creatives.

I joined the course as an already practicing graphic designer having completed a BA in Visual Communication in 2018. I found the course to be a great refresher and it’s helped me reconsider my processes as well as pushed me out of my comfort zone. As part of the course we have looked at image, narrative and Human Centered Design. Although these were not a part of my practice before, I am now confident in adding them to my skill set and offering some of what I’ve learned to potential clients.

I joined the course after quite a long creative slump (thank you global pandemic) and I can safely say that it’s helped bring me out of that and restored some of my confidence and reminded me why I love doing what I’m doing.

In the final show I will be exhibiting an animation, a video and a poster. Lots of my work this year has been relating to my surroundings, whether that’s my home, Margate or the world as a whole. I looked at how graphic designers can help tackle climate change as part of the Critical Studies and Design History module and that informed some of the work I will show.

See more of Emma's work on her website:

Emma also designed the poster for the Visual Communicaiton final show: '8 journeys'

See Emma and her fellow students’ work at their upcoming exhibition: ‘8 Journeys’

Opening: July 16th, 4pm—late

Exhibition Runs: July 17th—22nd, 10–4pm

Learn more about our Visual Communication programme via the link in our bio and see where it can take you.


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