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Student Profile - Zoe Artingstall

Introducing Zoe Artingstall from the Visual Communication programme: Design, Society, Nature:

Having spent many years working as a teacher in London, I decided in 2020 to leave the profession and focus on my passions which were photography and art. I am a self taught multidisciplinary artist who has spent the last few years developing my technique and craft in photography, digital art, life drawing and abstract painting. I am particularly drawn to vibrant colours and natural textures and often create abstract paintings and prints that have a psychedelic quality.

I joined this course to explore the world of design, which I had no prior experience of and to learn some new skills which I could take forward both in my own art work but also with the hope of potentially pursing new career avenues. I have been exposed to an exciting and wide ranging scope of different facets of design, from designing protest posters to creating my own tableau vivant. These experiences have not only provided me with new software skills and tools but also given me a completely fresh outlook on what art and design can be, and a new way to observe the world around me.

In the final show, ‘8 Journeys’ Zoe will be showing two of posters that she designed to encourage the local community of Margate to stand up to the onslaught of Airbnb properties in the area. She will also be showing an abstract narrative short film on the nature of familial relationships, a set of postcards that reference the visual language of Margate landmarks and one photographic image in the tableau vivant style.

You can see more of Zoe’s work on her website:

See Zoe and her fellow students’ work at their upcoming exhibition: ‘8 Journeys’

Opening: July 16th, 4pm—late

Exhibition Runs: July 17th—22nd, 10–4pm



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