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Student Reps

Our student reps for years 1 & 2 have now been nominated and we are pleased to announce that Chloé Neves will be student rep for Year 2 and Dominic Rose will be our rep for Year 1.

We’re very lucky to have a close and transparent relationship with our students given our intimate cohort and tight-knit community. The aim of our student reps is to provide another link of communication that is more representative of the student body and helps to ensure happiness by highlighting issues and encouraging ideas.

About Chloé / @dooec

“I'm a performance artist who works around movement and mark-making. I like making visible links and connections within a space that we can't usually see. I think there are some close connections between my practice and the role I have in this second year of MA at The Margate School. This one is more participatory and it engages with the life inside the school, allowing each part of the network to speak and in turn help to make the space more accessible for everyone.”

About Dominic / @dominicroseinst

Dominic Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Margate.

Using Photography and a range of found materials, he focuses on the interaction between humans and the environment, order and chaos, the sublime and the mundane. Particularly interested in the politics around power, resources and consumerism, his work illustrates the tension between our growing demand for resources and the balance of power with the natural world.