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Supermundane is coming to the seaside! Join us for an insight into his playful, colourful work.

Rob Lowe (Supermundane)

10th November, 5pm - 6pm

TMS / Auditorium

Suggested Donation: £5

This event forms part of the guest lecture series for our Visual Communication course, which this year we are opening up to the public.

Rob Lowe (also known as Supermundane) is a graphic artist using emotional geometry and melancholic humanism, along with his distinctive humour and hype-colourful imagination, to play with optical effects and the meaning of words. He has been published and exhibited worldwide. Permanent installations can be seen in Leeds train stations, Great Ormond Street and Covent Garden.

Instagram and twitter @supermundane


Our donation options helps us cover the resources & time needed to put on these events. If you can afford to pay a bit more, it helps us subsidise attendance for those with less money and ensures we can keep running these types of events in the future.



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