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The Home Movie and Personal Documentary

The video production short course led by Umut Gunduz is an introduction into making home movies from archives (home video footage and photos) and personally shot footage. This will include a brief introduction to shooting video using camera phones and editing using software.

The course will include:

  • Shooting techniques – using a camera

  • Interviewing people you know

  • Thinking in stories

  • Thinking in sound (Each week will have some editing time allotted to get to grips with software).

Umut works across a variety of digital media (Film, 3D Animation, Video Games, Installations) and as Screen Arts Lecturer for the UCA. The personal document plays a key role across his practice which predominantly deals with themes of identity, memory and economics. Clients include C4, BBC and many local businesses and artists.

The course will take place every week from 4 March to 1 April with a total of five sessions. Book your space here.