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The Margate School highlighted as an example of excellent bilateral cooperation

The Council for Higher Education in Art & Design (CHEAD) has cited the recently-signed agreement between The Margate School (TMS) and L’école supérieure d’art | Dunkerque-Tourcoing (Esä) as an example of setting inventive and progressive objectives towards creating a bilateral partnership.

Esä is the highly regarded French art school with campuses in Dunkerque and Tourcoing and through our partnership with them, we offer students an accredited European Fine Art Masters; expanding opportunities across Europe to alum, along with opportunities for students from both institutions to collaborate on projects.

The CHEAD article, Building Bridges between French and British Art and Design Schools, written by Sandra Booth, emphasises the importance of key strategies, which TMS are at the forefront of implementing; including recognising diversity, a high level of selectivity, an interest in contemporary creation, critical pedagogy, the decolonisation of curricula, a close link with the locality, a focus on 'soft'skills (teamwork, problem solving, agility) and on-going reflection.

The partnership has been built and cemented by close cross-channel dialogue and, as we enter the new academic year, we look forward to spending time with our partners, delivering best-practice across all activities.

You can read the full article HERE

Uwe Derksen, TMs Director, met with CHEAD and ANDeA (National Association of Public Graduate Schools of Art and Design) delegates at the ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) conference in Manchester to discuss the partnership.



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