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The Misunderstanding Exhibition

'Misunderstanding' was an exhibition presented at the Artothèque of @esadharofficiel from October to November, 2022.

The Misunderstanding exhibition is based on the idea of ​​a creative misunderstanding. Two groups of students from different backgrounds (one in France, the other in England) exchange work production protocols.

In the second part of the exhibition, the public were invited to participate in the collaborative production process by appropriating the notes of students from both campuses. The pieces created were then displayed in the art library during the exhibition.

Misunderstanding is organized as part of a partnership between ESADHaR and The Margate School. The exhibition has received support from Fluxus Art Project, a Franco-British fund for contemporary art.

ESADHaR student-artists:

Miha Bideau, Gabriella Esparon, Thais Ratieuville

Student artists from The Margate School:

Claire Knights, Chloé Neves, Henry Madicott, Celia Young, Dominic Rose, Anna Presilia, Nicolas Roper, Nathan Jones, Billie Vigne

Curators: Stéphane Trois-Carrés and Maxence Alcalde in collaboration with Katja Gentric and Ian Bottle

Photography credit: ESADHaR Communication