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We are the Mercury@The Margate School: Stop the War on People, Society, Nature — Live Performance

The Performance

The performance will be on 31 December 2020 at 10.30pm for approximately 35 min live streamed via The Margate School Facebook page.

The performance is the third and final performance, building on the previous Bed-in@The Margate School ( and Moving Labour @The Margate School ( performances.

The performance seeks to highlight the delicate balance of the cycle of production and consumption, how we make and are conditioned by it, and the inherent destructiveness.

Performers and roles

Jacob: Sound production - Performer Wendy: Performer Shaun: Live Stream video production UKD: Lead artist

The Installation

The installation is made up of the readymade, objects made in the postwar period and onwards placed on 75 plinths. The objects range from made to last to made to dispose of, objects desired to own and use. There are 23 waste bins in two rows flanking the installation. A series of lights form part of the installation as well as an old decayed freezer that originally was in use as part of the Margate Woolworths store.

The installation is located in the centre of the exhibition area of The Margate School approximately in the same location as the Bed-in and Moving Labour performances. It builds on a project called Duchamp meets Beuys (at St Mildred's Bay Beach, Westgate-on-Sea) - Beach Creative: healing the beach from the readymade (an almost daily performance) during which UKD cleaned a local Thanet beach and photographically documented the beach clean-up via a blog over a number of years.

Due to the COVID-19 restriction the installation can only be seen through the windows of the School.

The installation is on show now until 6 January 2021.