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When the Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows, an exhibition by Anthony Heywood

Location:The Margate School

Dates: 2nd November - 1st December

The use of particular materials in a work is sometimes a celebration, in other words, the use of material makes the viewer consider and re-align its suitability its purpose and above all its actual worth. The sculpture admits to the fascination of the material object though I seek to question the depth and consistency of our values. All of the work is manufactured using recycled and sustainable methods of making, I have collected both natural and man made materials and used them in juxtaposition to generate a vocabulary within the work, and my use of the formal aspects of the iconic forms reflects the conspicuous consumption that our society produces. I intend the sculpture to identify notions of the classicism of consumption, ostentation and material value centred upon a cultural and spiritual identity. The sculptures capture classical form made from the used and useless, discarded relics of mass consumption-unwanted building materials My engagement with the urban environment is through witnessing how our natural and urban environs are subject to change. The works reveal the nature of manufacture much as all my works are witness the materiality, I always believe that the materials should be appropriate to the concept and the Venetian house series also reference civic pride. Nothing it seems is permanent and nothing lasts forever? In all the works I am excited by the way in which the materials appear to be permanent whilst looking fragile and temporary. This again seems to represent and mimic our own life experiences. my approach to making sculptures draws upon art history as well as contemporary political events. I often create works with upcycled materials, the used and the useless, subverting their functions to play with conventional systems of classification and notions of so called high and low art to provide fresh perspectives on the things that constitute the world around us.

Recently showing at: SBK galleries Amsterdam 2019 European capital of culture Pafos Cyprus 2017 Documenta Athens Florence biennale 2017 Exhibition 'nostalgia' May group show 'Toon gallery' Amsterdam 2018 SBK galleries Amsterdam group show 2018 Invited by GAA foundation to exhibit at the European cultural centre Venice biennale19 2019- May - Nov

The Margate School, Margate's Art School


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