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Working Memory Exhibition

Ian Bottle is pathway leader in Fine Art on the Foundation Course at University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury. He studied to MA at Chelsea School of Art.

Elliot Bottle studied for his Foundation Diploma at UCA in Canterbury in 2018 and is currently on the BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College University of the Arts London.

Ian Bottle’s work explores the impact of a shift in our attitudes towards the storage and retrieval of information and how this affects our emotional understanding of ourselves and the world: The idea of memory as embodied in material and spatial conditions has become a primary concern and is explored through a range of analogue and digital processes ranging from painting to sculpture and artists books.

Elliot Bottle’s practice encompasses photography, drawing collage, projection and sculptural intervention as a means of exploring the impact of interior spaces, both public and private. He dismantles and re-constructs objects and material, questioning not only their physical boundaries but their semiotic idiosyncrasies.

The Margate School, Margate Art School