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Stop the War

The Margate School opposes the use of violence in all its forms and condemn any terror inflicted upon humankind. We are compelled to oppose it with our words, our art, and our voices. We oppose it collectively and we oppose it individually. 

We condemn the Russian invasion, an act of terror against Ukraine and its people. We believe in the peaceful coexistence of the human race as part of the natural environment and our School welcomes all people, regardless of national or cultural background, to find safety and support within our space. We have welcomed citizens from Russia in the past, we believe that the majority of Russians don't support this war, the unnecessary suffering and destruction the Putin regime is inflicting on the Ukrainian people and country.


Stop the War on People, Society, Nature. Stop the war in and on Ukraine now!


In our too often violent, disruptive, and unjust world we cannot see how it is possible for us to ignore political and humanitarian events. As artists, educators and organisers, we find it vital to use our resources and skills to respond to all and any violent state of affairs in the world and we wish to facilitate others to do the same. We wish to use our individual skills to respond to all and any violent state of affairs in the world and we want to facilitate others to do the same. To work through our misunderstandings, break through barriers, and work towards a transformation of our collective mindsets – into a state of reconciliation and tolerance, and most of all freedom. 


The Margate School’s “Stop the War” is an ongoing series of creative challenges to violence. From performance and video art to protest posters and sculpture, mediums of expression seek to assess situations as they unfold, spreading awareness. As an organisation we can only do so much, as individuals you can only do so much, but we can work together to move forward and make an impact. We want to offer you our platform, to make statements, discuss and make art. If you have a cause you are passionate about and need a platform to express this, we will be mindful and try to accommodate the following:




Protest art in all its forms







As a small, independent, and self-funded organisation with a small, part-time team, we cannot keep on top of the wave of constant unfolding crises. We will respond when we can, where we can and want to encourage everyone to take a stand, you do not need permission, but you have our support.

Get in touch at or 01843 838421.

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