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Austin Fernando


I make figurative and abstract sculpture which explore how texture can be evocative of emotion as well as colour. I am inspired by many sources such as abstract expressionism, prehistoric art, the natural world, Classical cameo carvings, August Rodin's sculptures.

Materials I use are both traditional; plaster, clay etc and less traditional; such as breeze block, latex, fibre-resin composites, and natural bio-plastics (made from casein/milk protein).

I aspire to make art which changes people's perception and provides an engaging and unique experience which evokes both classical and modern art as well as show the unique beauty of the materials themselves.

I strive for meaning in my art and try to plan carefully but I usually end up playing with materials in an intuitive and subconsciously dirrected way. I hope to make objects which convey some wonder and fascination with the world (scientific, natural or creative).

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