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Large Studio

Chris Vervain

Artist and Mask Theatre Practitioner

Chris Vervain enjoys contrast, apparent incongruity and surprise, like the stillness of a mask dispelled when worn and animated through movement and dance. She wants her art to be a celebration of the extraordinary richness of human experience; its triumphs and defeats, a continuous journey of discovery, a perpetual transformation through colour, shape and form.

Much of Vervain's work has involved ancient Greek drama for which she makes masks and props, employs actors, dancers and musicians, writes feminist adaptations of the plays and puts on productions. Some of these can be seen on Youtube.

Chris Vervain has a degree in Fine Art from Hertfordshire University, an MA Text and Performance from King’s/RADA, and a doctorate on re-inventing masked Greek Tragedy from Royal Holloway College, University of London.
She is married, loves walking, swimming and dance and has recently moved from London to Cliftonville (where she feels closer to some of her ancestors - fishermen of Deal, sailors of luggers.)

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