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Accessible Studio

Rebecca Korn

Interdisciplinary Artist

Is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice centres around ideas concerning the body,
primarily the lived experience of her own medically altered body. She utilises personal
experience to develop a greater understanding of the body and stories it can tell. Within this
she explores how the act of making, through and with the body, can be used to create new
forms of bodily knowledge. Current research interests include investigating the
transformative process of light as a creative medium and how it can be used to emphasis
the lived, corporeal aspects of the body, as well as ideas around Performance-as-Static,
exploring the photographic image as a piece of performance - in itself, rather than just the
documentary by-product of a performative event.

Rebecca is currently a lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury. She
graduated from the MA Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practice programme at
Goldsmiths, University of London in 2017 and has participated in numerous exhibitions both
in the UK and abroad. She is part of an on-going international collaborative drawing project
‘Drawing Dialogue’ which is now in its 3 rd stage, and a participant of the cross-disciplinary
research group PeARL - Performance Artistic Research Lab, co-directed by Goldsmiths and
HSE Art and Design School Moscow.

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