TMS Fellowship

TMS Fellowship


It is important to emphasise that beyond the below package of benefits the TMS Fellowship is predominantly about shared values and the overarching ambition to be aspirational about Margate and connected with all its communities including the new and the emerging ones. We strongly believe that Margate is not an ordinary place and things which we can't even be dreamed off elsewhere can happen in Margate and unusual social dynamics can emerged reconciling conflicts, tensions by creating a unique creative ecology and culture of openness, respect, curiosity and collaboration. In order to become a TMS Fellow candidates will need to submit a statement to ensure suitability of the Fellowship programme. Prospective fellows are welcome to visit the School for more information about the fellowship scheme.


A Fellow of the The Margate School is entitled to use the post-nominal letters FTMS after his or her name.

The annual cost of the TMS Fellowship is £130 and includes a number of benefits and discounts like, for example;

- 30% TMS Educational discount for short courses and workshops

- 20% discount on hiring TMS facilities (e.g. the venue, gallery, darkroom)

- Access to the TMS Library

- 15% discount at the Sands Hotel for accommodation, drinks and food

- 15% discount at the iconic Walpole Bay Hotel

- 10% discount in the local cafes and restaurants (e.g. Foody-Moodys, Cafe G)

- Promotion of events and fellows work via TMS network

- % discount on art supplies and framing at Lovelys

For more information about the TMS Fellowship please email Saffie at