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Esä, L’école supérieure d’art | Dunkerque-Tourcoing, is the highly regarded French art school with campuses in Dunkerque and Tourcoing, less than 50 miles as the crow flies from The Margate School. Through our partnership with them, we offer students an accredited European Fine Art Masters, expanding opportunities across Europe to alumn.

With an ethos aligned with TMS, this Anglo-French partnership presents innovative approaches to art education with collaborations and visits between the Schools. French language sessions feature as part of the European Fine Art Masters course and students and artists also participate in the School’s community outreach programme and arts events, with opportunities to form connections within the area and further afield.

The final assessment, Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP), occurs at Esä's Dunkerque campus.

Esä is a member of 50° North, the cross border network of contemporary art, ANdÉA, the National Association of Art Schools and Polaris, the Magnetic network of public art schools in Hauts-de-France and has around 300 students across the two campuses.

As partners, TMS and Esä’s technical resources are mutually available to both school communities.

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