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Venue Hire Enquiry

We offer a range of facilities to hire for a variety of uses and projects. Prices and agreements are dependent on your request. Further information is provided in our FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Our prices are

2 hours meeting room: £35 (weekday morning or afternoon)

Half day: £65 (weekday morning 10am - 1pm or afternoon 1pm - 4pm)

Full day: £120 (weekday 10am - 4pm)

Type of Event
Space Required - You can select more than one.
Do you require technical support (please note: this will incur an additional cost of £75 per half day)

Venue Hire FAQs

Venue FAQ

WHAT IS THE MARGATE SCHOOL (TMS) GALLERY AND EVENTS SPACE? The Margate School (TMS) Gallery and Events Space is part of TMS, an independent and international post-graduate liberal arts school based in the heart of Margate at the lower end of the high street. It is on the ground floor, and accessible to the public with wheelchair access. It features a large gallery/cafe area and a grand piano, an auditorium with cinema seats and audio visual facilities. There is also a workshop area with tables and chairs. The Gallery and Events space is facing the high street, with large windows. Also located on the ground floor are our hirable darkrooms, and a kiln which can be used by the public on enquiry with our technician together with studio spaces. WHAT TYPE OF EVENT IS THE MARGATE SCHOOL SUITABLE FOR? All events need to be commensurate with our theme of Art Society Nature (please refer to the enquiry form on our website for further details) and we reserve the right to refuse certain content which does not meet our criteria. Everyone is required to respect the people working or using the School and its space. Events supported by TMS have included exhibitions, installations, talks, screenings, workshops, performances, private networking events, fundraising, residencies, drop in sessions. We are always open to new innovative ideas. IS THE TMS GALLERY AND VENUE SPACE INVIGILATED? We are usually open but not specifically available to invigilate. Exhibitors need to supply their own invigilation staff. There will always be someone from the team around but they will be engaged in their own work, the team is not full time so please be understanding. On days where you are not available TMS may be able to arrange cover in advance, for £10 per hour but this cannot be guaranteed. The exhibitor is responsible for briefing the invigilator(s) to the full, especially with regard to handling any technical equipment. Please keep a note of visitor numbers. WILL TMS ADVERTISE MY EVENT? Yes, we will advertise your exhibition/event on our social media pages and we require promotional material well in advance. However, it is very important that you generate your own advertising and promotion too, as even though we try to attract people to your show we cannot make any guarantees regarding numbers of visitors to the exhibition or to the opening night. We will include one listing in our newsletters (TMS Community and subscriber list), one on Facebook, one on Twitter and one on Instagram in our marketing. During the exhibition we strongly advise exhibitors to utilise the A-frame we supply and create a poster for the exhibition or event and place it outside the building to make passers-by aware. DOES TMS TAKE COMMISSION? Please let TMS know if you are planning to sell work in the gallery space, TMS will take a 20% commission on all sales. The exhibitor will be responsible for managing all sales and reporting back with a figure for our commission for which we will invoice you. Please also make a note of visitor numbers for our records. CAN I PUT SCREWS, NAILS, HOOKS ETC INTO THE GALLERY WALLS? Yes. The walls are MDF and can take screws, nails, hooks or temporary adhesive. You must remove all nails/screws/fixings etc before you hand the gallery back to TMS. DO I HAVE TO FILL THE HOLES THAT I LEAVE IN THE GALLERY WALLS TO GET MY DEPOSIT BACK? Not necessarily. We ask that you fill any holes with a white filler, but we will not withhold your deposit if you miss a few gaps. However, if no effort is made to repair the walls after your hire term is over, this could affect your deposit. CAN I HANG ANYTHING FROM THE CEILING? No, the gallery space ceilings are not appropriate for supporting anything. DO I NEED TO REPAINT OR CLEAN THE FLOOR TO GET MY DEPOSIT BACK? No, but you must not paint or spill anything on the floor that cannot be easily cleaned with standard floor detergent. You are responsible for cleaning any mess or spillages you leave on the floor. you do not need to clean the gallery in order to retrieve your damage deposit Please just make sure that the floor is swept or vacuumed using the equipment provided. DOES THE GALLERY HAVE HEATING? No, we are not able to heat up the entire space. However, the gallery has patio type heaters, and only those are allowed to be used. Do not use any other heaters in the gallery other than those supplied. DO YOU SUPPLY PLINTHS? We do not supply plinths as standard, but normally we have different types of plinths available. Please let us know in advance if you would like some - there is a small charge of £5 per plinth for repainting and getting them ready in advance. WHERE ARE THE POWER POINTS? There are no power points as such in the gallery walls, however electrical power is normally supplied via extension leads supplied by the School. DO YOU SUPPLY AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT? We can supply one screen and speakers. Anything additional will incur a charge. CAN I GET A REFUND ON MY DOWN PAYMENT IF I CANCEL MY BOOKING? Our deposit is 20% of the total hire cost which is non refundable on cancellation. The deposit will be returned after the gallery space has been vacated. DOES THE SPACE HAVE FREE WIFI? Yes, it is part of the hire agreement. DO YOU HAVE A PRINT FACILITY? This may be possible, please enquire for available options and charges. IS MY ARTWORK INSURED VIA THE SCHOOL? No, the exhibitor has to make sure that the artwork exhibited is appropriately insured. Exhibitors must supply a copy of their Public Liability Insurance. This can be obtained easily through membership of a-n, The Artists Newsletter. IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE AN OPENING OR CLOSING EVENT IN THE EVENING, SUPPLY ALCOHOL AND UTILISE THE BAR AREA? The use of the bar area, as well as any opening hours outside the normal working hours, has to be requested in advance and will incur a charge. The supply of alcohol is permitted as long as it is a private event with invited guests, and alcohol is not for sale. A council licence would be needed for a public event, and sale of alcohol. Depending on the expected number of attending an evening event, additional door security may be required. ARE THERE TECHNICIANS TO ASSIST THE INSTALLATION OF AN EXHIBITION? Yes, but hiring their service will need to be arranged well in advance and at an additional cost of £75 per half day If you have any questions or require clarification of any of the above points then email

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