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Artist and Maker Studios

The Margate School believes that artists’ studios thrive when there is a good mix of artistic practices. We try to achieve this mix by welcoming all types of creative practitioners. By becoming a studio resident you will become part of TMS's community, where we encourage collective learning, sustainable practices, and peer support.

Our studios, workspaces, equipment and facilities are across three floors, and spaces vary in size and price, dependant on several factors, including footprint, seclusion and layout.

Free technical assistance is available on our FabLab facilities and inductions onto equipment can be arranged with our Knowledge Exchange and FabLab Coordinator.

We hold regular group inductions on all our equipment, monthly community lunches and are open to community-led ideas to encourage a proactive and friendly environment for learning and conversation.

Studio residents also benefit from discounted access to our short courses, workshops and venue hire—alongside discounts from local businesses.


If you’re interested in finding out more please contact or ring 01843 838421.

Please note: Studio visits are by appointment only and your visit is part of a studio application process - we cannot guarantee a studio before your application form is reviewed.

Ground Floor

Accessible Studios

Our accessible studios are on the ground floor and offer ease of access to those with mobility issues and wheelchairs. They are close to the darkrooms, kiln, cafe, sound room and accessible toilets.

from 2.5x3.5m to 4.8x3.8m
​from £180 to £420 per month

First Floor


Our bench spaces are located in the heart of the studios on the 1st floor, with easy access to the FabLab equipment and facilities. Each bench comes with plug sockets, a heater and a safe (optional).


​£100 per month

First Floor


Our pod studios are located on the 1st floor within the studio community. These open-concept studios have natural lighting and you will have fellow creatives as your neighbours. Pods come with one plain wall, a shelving wall, and a half wall with a window.


​£190 per month

Large Studios

Our large studios are located on the first & second floors and offer creatives a more private space to allow free-flowing experimentation without distraction. 

from 2.7x2.9m to 6.1x3.5m​

from £300 to £450 per month