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Artist Spotlight: Paula Molina, Studio Resident

Studio resident, Paula Molina, is a multifaceted artist creating murals, illustrations, crochets, and puppets.

Paula is now in the process of exploring more ceramic work. She uses art in a ritual process to heal. "Throughout the creation process I'm in the present moment, aware all the time of how I feel in my body. I believe through healing myself I can help to heal Mother Earth using natural materials and processes in my work.

Her work is inspired by animals, plants and colours to express my emotions. Paula took over our Instagram Page last week to share some of the projects she has worked on. Read her story below.

Here, I am working on a commission of 20 cups for @thegraingrocer, I am doing everything by hand with the pinch technique.

Each piece I create is completely unique. The experimentation is part of the process and the work evolves through this alchemy, like magic.

I am planning to make a few sculptures with a human body and an animal’s head. Inspired by my imagination I had in dreams and in the “Alebrijes”, is a sculpture made in papier-mâché in Oaxaca Mexico, they are spiritual animals with a colourful decoration.

Last year I started a course in Spain called, Ritual Art is Running for Victor Brosah. The course is to understand how we can co-create our life using art and learning how our minds work, using the right programmes at the right time. I will finish the course in a couple of months and when I finish, I want to use the clay to ‘reprogram’ the mind. I will run a workshop with the help of other people. I will let you know when it is ready if you are interested.

Last year, a friend of mine wanted me to paint a mural. I am really grateful to have had this opportunity. It was to paint two murals in her room. One of them is inspired by her spirit animal (a wolf singing butterfly), and the second one is a forest from England.

Game of goose: Living a little in the Town of Cordoba, I painted a few murals in the school, the most important for me. It’s a table game from Spain called Game of Goose. I created it in a large format on the school’s floor.

Something I love to do is painting murals, it is so challenging to draw on big surfaces. I love challenges and the first mural I produced was in Argentina whilst I was at university.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to be part of an art festival called Wasqua in Almedinilla Cordoba Spain where I painted a mural in collaboration with the artist @maicadiaz_.

I have also painted a few murals in my family and friend's houses... (Cactus, Martina’s room, Isabella’s room)

After finishing the Game of Goose mural, Almedinilla School commissioned me to paint one more game on the floor called “Rayuela” and a “magic universe in the sea” Mural.

All words and images c/o Paula Molina.

Thank you to for sharing her artwork with us this week — we're looking forward to seeing more projects develop from her studio space whilst trying out more of the kiln!

If you're interested in being part of the TMS Community, having a studio space to experiment and using our FabLab facilities, then get in touch at Find out more at the link in bio.