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Christopher and Stephen Alexander Exhibition

The Margate School is proud to present a father and son exhibition of local artists Christopher and Steven Alexander. TMS approached Steven Alexander to loan 22 artworks. 13 artworks of Chis Alexander and 9 artworks of Steven Alexander. Both father and son are prolific artists, working in a range of mediums including oils, charcoal pastels and chalk. In this exhibition TMS explores the theme of mentorship between Chis and his son Steven. From teacher to student as well as father to son.

Come and join us on Sunday 4th August from 2pm for the Private View of the Christopher and Steven Alexander Exhibition where Curator Kamilla Blanche and Exhibiting Artist Steven Alexander will be discussing the exhibition and the work being shown.

The exhibition will run from the 4th August - 1st September.

For further information on the exhibition please see our events calendar.

The Margate School, Margate Art School