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Genetic Moo: "Creative Coding"

Introduction to creative coding using P5JS Processing + P5Live. Make generative art using easy to use and free tools. Code on your laptop, in a browser or as a live-coding performance. Swarm simulations are a great example of algorithmic creativity and scientific wonder - flocks of birds, shoals of fish or armies of xenobots. Create the rules and build your own swarm art work.

To secure a place, you will need to book online here

Course Outline:

Week 1 - Introduction to computer creativity and the tools we will use. Introduction to swarm coding and artificial life. Basic graphic coding in Processing.

Week 2 – Swarm basics in Processing. Movement. Classes. Visuals.

Week 3 – Swarm new rules. Interaction. Putting this into a browser with P5JS.

Week 4 – Collaborative Live coding with P5Live.

Week 5 – Create your own rules and visuals. putting this all together into a responsive swarm artwork. + Showcase

Genetic Moo consists of creative coding couple Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. They have been making digital art for over 10 years and have shown interactive pieces around the world, from USA to China. They have delivered hundreds of beginner coding workshops to thousands of people of all ages. Many of their art works have incorporated coding snippets made during these workshops.



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