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IAS19 Installation at TMS

This work was conceived to mark the 10th anniversary of Imagine a Spectacle (IAS) theatre. Although resonating strongly with Guy Debord’s critique of the modern spectacle, as described in his seminal book ‘Society of the Spectacle’ (1967) and later comments (1992), the emphasis of this performative piece is on the transformational qualities of imagination. It situates the IAS productions as spaces of the potential, intensified by the affective powers of theatre and performance art.

Drawing on the ideas of imagination, spectacle and everyday life, the installation invites the audience to contemplate and imagine new realities while being watched (or not) by the public on Margate High Street. It is recommended for the ‘spect-actors’ (term used by the Brazilian Theatre Director Augusto Boal) to remain seated for at least few minutes and close their eyes when/if putting on the

blackout glasses.

Raphael Sieraczek

The Margate School, Margate's Art School

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Loved reaading this thanks

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