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Open Call: Diverse Dancers/Movement Artists from Margate ​

Moving Labour is a multidisciplinary performance project and follows on from the recent Bed-in @ The Margate School: Stop the War on People, Society, Nature installation and performance, which included a 12 day bed-in, the making of a raven sculpture, a crate box, a small box, a crown, a small table and a performance together with two sound pieces. The performance can be viewed here.

Moving Labour @ The Margate School is a combination of a video and sound installation and dance movement. The dance movement is within the video as well as a live performance and vice versa. There is a tension between repetitive and free movement, between stillness and movement, between the locations, between containment and the open sea, the shoreline, broken structures and glory, the immediate and the distant farther view.

The dance movement is led by artist and dancer Neele Ruckdeschel who is on a project residency with The Margate School.

For a film shoot of a scene at the historical Clifton Baths (Lido) we're looking for seven dancers/movement artists with diverse bodies. We're therefore inviting dancers or movement artists of all gender, colour, size, shape to apply. You don't need to have a classical dance education, but improvisation skills and experience are needed.

The topic of the scene in the Clifton Baths is the disconnection between humans and nature, a broken society and the attempt to overcome the disconnection through superficial satisfaction in amusement. We will work out movement qualities of disconnection and interruption. Each dancer will develop their own interpretation of the topic. The rehearsal will be a half day movement workshop, where we're working on the movement qualities. The film shoot will be one day. It is our aim to support the representation of diverse bodies, as there are diverse bodies moving on this planet.

The Margate School, Margate's Art School


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