The Margate School Darkroom is a public facility open to everyone.

We provide a fully equipped darkroom for analogue photographers of all levels, with enlargers for black and white photographic printing.


We have two bookable darkrooms; our large darkroom is set up with five enlargers or 35mm, with the smaller darkroom set up with two enlargers for medium and large format (up to 5x4).


We are open Monday to Friday, 9am — 5pm and weekend use can be arranged by appointment.

We offer bookings for full day, half day, and weekend use with discounts available for students, nonprofits, charities.
We can arrange private tuition for beginners and more advanced photographers. We support schools, colleges and other organisations who wish to run their own workshops. 

Chemicals are provided at a small additional cost. We also sell a small range of Ilford black & white films and photographic paper.

Get in touch for more information and prices:

To book the darkroom to use independently you will need to have had previous experience in a dark room and had a health and safety induction which can be arranged on your first visit and is included in your initial hire price. If you do not have previous experience we offer private 1 on 1 tuition to get you acquainted. For more information, prices and to arrange please email

Darkroom Equipment

  • MEOPTA Opemus 6 enlarger for processing 35mm and medium format film

  • Line drying area

  • Workspace with Apple iMac

  • Ilford 1050 RC Print Dryer

  • Lightbox

  • Conference table/work table that can seat up to 10 people

  • 5 x 35mm enlargers with 50mm lenses. 

  • Durst 670 with 75mm lens for 6x4.5, 6x6 and 6x7

  • Antique De Vere and Durst condenser enlargers for up to 5x4” 

  • Two photographic sinks

  • Film loading booth

  • Epson Flatbed film scanner for 35mm and 120 rollfilm

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The Margate School aims to be as sustainable as possible within our limits as a not-for-profit organisation and our Darkroom facility is no different. We acknowledge the effect that darkroom usage has on the environment and we approach this issue with experimental and open mindsets.


We have previously held a series of sustainable photography workshops that seek input from nature to inform the creative process. We aim to repurpose darkroom materials and all of our equipment has been donated by the community. 


We are open to collaboration with photographers, scientists, and environmentalists - we’d love to hear new ideas or your experience with sustainable darkroom practices and work together in developing a more sustainable approach to traditional methods.

At The Margate School, we aim to extend learning potential, we seek to do this in the expanded field, through art practice, philosophical reflection, scientific exploration, technological enquiry, engagement in today’s environmental challenges and sociological investigations.

Environmental Statement for The Margate School's Darkroom

Photograph by David Molloy from the Art, Society, Nature Photographic Residency