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We are in the process of creating a community garden at the back of our School, just off Margate's High Street, as well as taking responsibility for clearing a section of free land that will be used by those in the community. This area has been a dumping ground and place of anti-social behaviour for over a decade.

We have been lucky enough to have had a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over £28,000 with the support from the people and the organisations within our community. Since completing this campaign we have been able to bring on board a permaculture expert, run a call out for two paid residencies, landscape the garden, and our MA students were able to host an exhibition and workshop that celebrated local biodiversity.


The garden is shaping to be a place for:

  • Respite & contemplation 

  • Experiencing nature in an urban environment

  • Creating art through sculptural objects

  • Social community events

  • Educational purposes, e.g. growing herbs, fruit + veg

  • Exploring seasonal eating with the users of Our Kitchen (also in the High Street)

  • Research + experimentation with plant-based extracts to create bio-materials, dyes, developers, and more.

We also hope to offer workshops in the future, to develop our Eco conference series and develop sustainability based courses + qualifications.