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Margate Tech Club

Margate Tech Club is a free drop-in within a safe and welcoming space where you and your family can explore and play with tech, under the supervision and guidance of helpful experts. The Tech Club includes a workshop activity, which you can sign up for on the day. 

The Margate School were awarded funding from Kent Community Foundation to secure the future of Margate Tech Club throughout 2022. 

Genetic Moo — Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. Nicola and Tim specialise in making interactive art which encourages experimentation and play and have exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad. They have taught thousands of people creative coding over the last 5 years, many hundreds in Margate. 

John Hislop is a STEM Ambassador (science, technology, engineering and maths). He is a retired physics teacher and he runs a youth group in Ramsgate, John also runs astronomy sessions at the Monkton Nature Reserve, enabling cubs and scouts to obtain their astronomy badge.

Matt Mapleston is an Engineer. Engineers like Matt solve problems using any technology that could help and loves helping others to do the same. He started designing computers for RAF jets. Now Matt works with 3D printing, computer programming and electronics for lots of different people. He works out of The Geekery in Margate aiming to make it a focus for Technology in Thanet.

Dr Edward Kelly studied Composition, is a Sound Artist and Music Producer and lives in Margate. He recently took part in The Margate School's Art & Technology two-month residency.

Holly McArthur is a young art and music technologist from Margate who likes to experiment with audio-visual programming. After completing a degree in Creative Music Technology, she started exploring playfulness and novel methods of interaction with tech. She likes the idea of colourful digital spaces that encourage an audience to feel relaxed and curious.

Aphra Shemza is a UK-based multimedia artist, Director and Curator at Art in Flux and Manager of the Estate of Anwar Jalal Shemza, her grandfather. Inspired by her grandfather, her work explores Modernism, her Islamic cultural heritage, sustainable practice and creating art for all. As an artist and activist, she finds ambitious ways to fuse methodologies from the past with new innovations in technology to imagine what the role of art could be in the future.

Please note not all experts will be present at every Margate Tech Club session.Note:

Each month's Margate Tech Club will have a different line up of experts and is subject to change.